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Dedicated to selling, renting and 

managing properties in San Juan,

Puerto Rico.



José F. Umpierre

Licensed Real Estate Broker/Property Manager


With over 15 years of experience, ProActive Real Estate & Property Management has a proven track record in the Puerto Rico real estate market in the metropolitan area as well as the rest of the island.

Using his extensive experience in sales, marketing and management, José Umpierre founded ProActive in 2005. Since then, he has catered to local and U.S. clients looking to buy, sell or rent property anywhere on the island.

Whether you are looking to sell, purchase your dream home, or rent for the short-term in Puerto Rico, ProActive Real Estate & Property Management is your one stop solution.


ProActive Real Estate & Property Management specializes in:

  • Real Estate Consultation

  • Property Management

  • Sales for U.S. and local clients

  • Residential and non-developed rural properties

  • Short-term rentals

Contact Us: Jose F. Umpierre

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